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12 Dec

Successful Deployment of MicroStrategy Mobile™ Improves Customer Experience Across North America, Mexico and Caribbean Region
MicroStrategy® Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR), a leading worldwide provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, today announced that Sumitomo Rubber North America Inc. (SRNA) has won the 2017 Ventana Research Leadership Award in the Digital Technology category, using MicroStrategy MobileTM. SRNA is responsible for the sales and distribution for Falken, Dunlop Motorcycle and Ohtsu branded tires throughout North America and the Caribbean markets. The company has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge new technologies and innovative new manufacturing processes. The company has been a valued MicroStrategy customer since 2006.

The Ventana Research Leadership Awards honor individuals, organizations, supporting vendors and consulting firms for their accomplishments using technology to drive exceptional results in achieving their goals and objectives, and for going the extra mile to advance the use of technology through best practices and leadership.

At SRNA, field sales representatives and engineers across North America, Mexico and the Caribbean have an abundance of data to carry out their jobs. Accessing the right data at the right time is extremely important for customers and sales associates. By developing an iPad application, powered by MicroStrategy Mobile, SRNA sales representatives have easy access to competitor pricing, fitments for popular vehicles in the area, and more. The app combines data from SRNA’s ERP and sales systems with tire market data to provide salespeople with the insight needed to do their jobs better, and help customers make informed purchasing decisions. To learn how SRNA uses MicroStrategy to revolutionize their business, watch this video.

“Operating in a highly competitive market, Sumitomo Rubber North America is constantly looking for ways to gain a competitive edge,” said Cameron Forbes, Director of IT, SRNA. “To set ourselves apart, we wanted to empower our sales network with access to detailed information that could vastly improve the overall sales experience. By developing a sales analytics iPad app with MicroStrategy Mobile, we were able to put valuable information into the hands of sales representatives to help provide a more positive and productive customer experience while also expanding brand awareness.”

“Congratulations to our customer Sumitomo Rubber North America for winning the Leadership Award in the Digital Technology category and embracing MicroStrategy to help drive greater sales efficiencies that improve the bottom line,” said David Rennyson, Senior Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Chief Revenue Officer, MicroStrategy Incorporated. “This prestigious award further proves that empowering organizations to customize mobile apps for specific business goals facilitates intuitive discovery, precise action and incredible results.”

Enhancing Sales Efficiencies to Grow the Business
SRNA deployed its iPad application in just eight weeks, providing its sales force with everything needed. The mobile app helps their dealers and analysts across its distribution centers in New York, Tenn., Calif., Illinois, Florida, Texas and New Jersey make decisions in-line with the larger organization.

“Our research showed that over 80 percent of tire sales are heavily influenced by ‘the guy/gal behind the counter’ at tire shops nationwide,” added Forbes. “Working with MicroStrategy, we developed an iPad app that allowed sales representatives to easily show fitments for popular vehicles in an area, prices for competitor’s products, and information on why our tires are a better fit, or would yield higher margins for the dealer or distributor. As a result, customer relationships improved, sales teams spent less time gathering information for meetings, business analytics teams could spend their time on more in-depth analytics tasks, and fewer IT resources were needed to develop reports.”